Mount Brewing Co. Brewery

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We’ve been brewing craft beer

before craft beer was

“ A Thing “





SINCE 1996

Just Good Local Craft Beer.

We've been brewing tasty brews in Mt Maunganui since 1996. We are super stoked to be living, brewing and drinking in the best place in NZ.

Mt Maunganui, the ocean, summer days, and waves are our biggest inspirations and the essence of who we are and what we represent.

We think good beers are for everyone! Which is why we try to brew beers and ciders for all tastebuds, styles, and ages (obviously over 18)


Meet Our Team




Tom has been brewing here at Mount Brewing Co Brewery for the past 5 and a half years and has worked up the title of senior brewer. Most commonly seen walking the lengths of the brewery stroking his impressive beard. 



Pawel is Mount Brewing Co's import from Poland, but don't hold that against him, he's specifically hired for his Stout and Porter skills. Mastering our famous Black Beard Coffee Stout.  



Bay of Plenty and Waikato 



Joel Bartosh

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Robin van Niekerk

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Michael initially started as a brewer here 5 years ago and is the mastermind behind one of our tastiest drops the Crimson Tide. Mike is now commonly found upstairs or on the road as our sales manager, looking after the Bay Of Plenty and Waikato regions. 

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The Brewery...


Starting in 1996, Mount Brewing Co. (or BOP Brewery as it was known then) found its beginnings with a UBrew system, where local beer drinkers would come and make their own beer from malt extract and specialty grains, that would then be served over the bar for their enjoyment. It was soon discovered the Bay had Plenty of thirsty patrons and needed someone to take responsibility for their insatiable thirst.. and the first real incarnation of Mount Brewing Co. was born.

 Larry Kurth was the first Brewer here, spending 12 years making a variety of Lagers and Ales many of which won awards. Larry is responsible for the cult classic “Terminator” which is still asked for to this day. He took the UBrew system, converted pieces of it and commissioned some second hand dairy equipment to create a 500L Brewhouse. A true working brewery! It wasn’t pretty but it made damn good beer.


After Larry decided to retire from the Brewhouse, we had friends Karl, Steve and Janine at different times running the show and evolving the beer and brew house. Steve being an engineer as well as a great brewer & lover of beer upgraded the Brewhouse in much the same manner as Larry to a 1000L Brewhouse, and tweaked the recipes to suit the new world palates of our customers. Beers got hoppier, labels and names got funkier and soon there was a crazy demand for our 6% Mermaids Mirth American Pale Ale and 4.5% Manuka Hussy Ale… more tanks were bought, more beer was brewed and the demand grew and grew!


Pawel was brought into the team for the summer of 2015 and the brewery was pushed to maximum capacity, the boys were brewing into tanks as soon as they were emptied and cleaned. We got through the summer and Pawel, who was loving the lifestyle and experience in the Brewhouse, extended his stay with us before finally returning to Poland for his sister’s wedding. Enter Connor, the newest member of the team.

Connor is the son of owners Glenn and Virginia Meikle, but that didn’t stop him from diving in headfirst and showing great passion and enthusiasm for all things in the brewery. He took over where Pawel left off, and the team continued to make as much beer as possible trying to get a head of the summer rush.

But things didn’t slow down as they usually did in the colder months. The new onsite venue “The Rising Tide Brewhouse and Eatery” opened up and through the seasons of Autumn, Winter and Spring we were selling more beer than ever… a great problem to have!

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After bringing the brewery to its ultimate capacity, Steve decided it was time to return to engineering and spend more time with his young family, his last act being the acquisition of 3 x 1800L conical fermenters to help the new team of Tom and Michael in their endeavour to keep up for the summer of 2015. It worked… kind of, but it was no great surprise that people were getting thirstier and thirstier… simply put, we needed to make more beer!


4 x 1200L were acquired and Pawel, after missing the lifestyle (and access to seemingly endless beer) returned to take up a sponsored working visa and now the team of four were brewing more than ever, 4000 litres a week were being brewed on our system which still contained parts from when Larry first started! It seemed we were finally getting ahead, we had an extensive supply of beer and were starting to make some seasonals… and then something happened… something that would change the outlook of the brewery forever.


 The Brewery Today 

We had always dreamed of having a fancy brewery, the kind of brewery that had all the bells, whistles, switches and automation that made the job more efficient and the beer taste the best it could.. and as it turned out, Funk Estate, a great brewery based in Auckland had always dreamed of being here in Mount Maunganui.


Both breweries got talking, a few beers were had and a master plan was created… we would combine our location, their equipment and both teams to make beer for both Mount Brewing Co. and Funk Estate and thus Brew Buddies LTD was born.

We are now brewing beers with a state of the art 1200L CLE brew system, with an expanded brew team, canning options, and a capacity many time the size of what was capable before.

We are currently brewing 2000,000 Litres a year, and plan on only getting bigger!