Here you will find all you need to know about our range of regular beers, ciders and a few seasonals 

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Saltwater Blonde

Lager - Helles

4% ABV

The sun is high and the waves are pumping! So all you need now is an easy drinking, crisp and clean lager! Well?...Grab yourself a Saltwater Blonde! Run a hand through your hair and relax because it's always summer at the Mount... or wherever you're holding one of these sessionable lagers.   

With a light malt body, the Saltwater Blonde is a clean, crisp and refreshing lager at 4%. Simple, effective, refreshing and delicious! 


Mount Manuka Honey Hussy

Specialty Grain 

4.5% ABV 20 IBU

Beers are rad aren't they? Their little buzzy bodies are at it all day collecting magic Manuka dust, which they take back to their pad and turn into liquid gold! We thought about combining the fruits of their efforts with ours and discovered the sweet Manuka aroma and flavour was a high five to this light, smooth bodied beer! Thank you buzzy bees!  

The Manuka Honey Hussy is a beer for those with a slightly sweeter palate. It has a nice clean malt base with a honey sweetness that gives an equally pleasant and refreshing sensation on those hot summer days. It is our flagship beer in our lower ABV series.

We source our Manuka Honey locally and this beer is equally loved by our locals.



Pale Ale - New Zealand

4.5% ABV 25 IBU

Most days we're pretty deep in the brewery and despite a layer of blubber under our skin we too, much like the whale have to come to the surface for a breather every now then then. You won't find us blowing a spout of brine through our nostrils though rather a golden liquid with juicy-tropical flavours and aromas will be erupting from our vessels before we re-submerge. 

The Blowhole Pale Ale is a very sessionable 4.5% beer full of fruit aromas backed by a clean, crisp malt body. A further complement to our series of sessionable beers utilizing the finest New Zealand hops, it’s just as Kiwi as Mount Maunganui, our world famous beach.



IPA - American

6% ABV

The Sea Beast is a mysterious creature usually found in the deepest depths of the ocean. The mysterious nature of this beer is that it tastes of big and tropical pine/citrus aromas but only weighs in at 6%. A fan favourite in our can series, crack into it!


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Mermaids Mirth

Pale Ale - American  

6% ABV 50 IBU

Mermaids are conventionally thought of as beautiful with long flowing golden hair... and chance may have it, we think the same of our American Pale Ale. Yes indeed... she's a stunner! with a smooth tropical fruit aroma which is matched only by her big citrus flavour! It's not a myth! It's or Mirth... Our Mermaids Mirth  

Our Mermaids Mirth is what we’d call our flagship beer in our higher ABV series and has been our most popular beer for many years before and I’m sure for many years beyond. Packed full of American Hops it has big Citrus flavour and is supported by clean malt base making this beer incredibly sessionable at 6%. As you feel euphoria and glee, you realize it truly is the Mermaids Mirth.



IPA - New England


This hazy thirst quencher is dedicated to "Jonesie", one of our Mount Brewing co regulars. Our NEIPA is unfiltered and smashed with Jonesie's favourite - passionfruit, as well as a fair punch of pineapple. All American citra, zythos, simcoe, and mosiac hops makes this a delightfully citrusy, juicy, summer scorcher! Here's to all the Jonesies out there!


mrs Jones

IPA - New England



marge & Rita

Sour - Gose

4.7% ABV

With agave and gold kiwi fruit, this is designed to represent the brewery’s duelling personality (Marge and Rita). Sweet, sour, tart, fruity, it’s as close to tequila as they could conjure. Make sure to salt the rim! Brewed for GABS 2019.


crazy hazy daze

IPA - New England

6.4% ABV 50 IBU

This Crazy Hazy from our range is representative of our brewers crazy attitude towards the popular New England style.
Jam packed (27g/L) with Citra, Amarillo and the experimental Hort 4337 from NZ Hops with only Whirlpool and Double Dry Hop additions, this Crazy Hazy has a rich body balanced with tropical Fruit Flavours of Pineapple, Mango and Passionfruit with a hint of Pine and a mild bitterness.
We're living in Crazy Hazy Days, it's time to get amongst it!


Crimson Tide

Red Ale - American Amber / Red 

6% ABV

The Crimson Tide is a bit of an apocalyptic assault on your taste buds! Imagine each sip turning into a 10ft monster charging around your mouth with mr tasty Mcbones throwing columbus, amarillo and Nelson Sauvin hops at every turn and twist. Now shake it off and paddle back out there for the next sip and remember, local rules only. 

A New Zealand Amber Ale that pours a deep red and is laced with generous amounts of Chinook, NZ Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops - way too easy drinking for 6%. 




Black Beard Coffee Stout


6% 50 IBU

The second in our seasonal series to be added to regular rotation.

The Blackbeard is a strong coffee flavoured stout with a medium body and a dry roasted coffee finish.

Hints of chocolate and toffee flavour and aroma are derived from a combination of a premium Flight Coffee variety and carefully selected specialty malts.

A perfect winter beer, one for cooler nights, or those that love both stouts and coffee.


Captain Jacks India Dark Ale

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

6% ABV 29 IBU

The perfect blend of dark and hoppy with a subtle bit of roast. This is a beer made for the winter but drinks well all year around. Welcome back IDA


 Orange Chocolate Stout 

Stout - Other

5.5% ABV

Real oranges have been added to this easy drinking
stout in generous proportions. It will take you back to
childhood, in the most adult of ways. Originally brewed for GABS NZ 2016 and now making a comeback!




Strawberry & Lime


4.5% ABV

Flavoured with the finest NZ apples and infused with the taste of summer, strawberry and zesty lime these flavours offer a medium sweetness and a tart finish.


dark n’ stormy

Cider - Traditional

4.5% ABV

This cider made with the finest New Zealand apples is blended with real ginger, molasses and spices to give that Dark n' Stormy taste over a crisp medium-sweet cider base.